PicToBrick - output documents

project: mewbie_630x630_002

mosaic size:
64 x 64 basis elements
266.66 x 266.66 mm

The generated image represents a building instruction. In connection with a suitable image editing software it is possible to print this building instruction in the original size of the mosaic.

The configuration reflects all the settings used for generating the mosaic. In addition to the name of the configuration and information concerning the basis element the available colors and elements are represented each on a separate page.

bill of material
The bill of material is a tabular overview of all required pieces.

building instruction
The building instruction is a textual addition to the image. It helps to build the mosaic row by row top down and from the left to the right and indicates the required element and its color for each step.

xml document
The XML document is identical as regards content with the textual building instruction. The machine-readable format should support the automated mosaic generation (by help of a CNC machine e.g.).