User commands

Note that the functionality of some of these commands may have been changed.

1 [ A ] - Alter userdata

User can change his personal information such as phone number, sent-by line, password etc.. Some switches can be altered behind this command too.

2 [ B ] - Bulletins

Every conference can contain it's own bulletins. Bulletins will be searched from [Conference]/bulletins/ and the naming system is as follows:


Menu of available bulletins


Textfile containing the information.

If conference doesn't contain any bulletins, they will be snooped from $DAYDREAM/bulletins/.

3 [ C ] - Comment

User can leave comment to system administration using this command.

4 [ D ] - Download

Performs file downloading.

Shows download.txt/gfx from Conferences displaydirectory or from $DAYDREAM/display/[Mode]/.
Asks for files to download.
Shows list of files to download, their sizes and estimated transfer time.
Asks if user wants to start transfer, disconnect after transfer, edit list of the files to download or abort.
Performs filetransfer.
If user was using bidirectional filetransfer protocol, DayDream goes to upload phase....

5 [ E ] - Enter Message

Allows user to write public/private/echo/netmail messages.

Asks for receiver. If message is public or private, receiver will be looked from userbase. If user presses just enter, message will be addressed to everyone. If receiver is EALL, message will be shown to everyone at the mailscan.
Asks for subject. If user just enters return, message will be aborted.
If message base allows both public and private messages, DD will ask if user wants to send it as a private message.
User enters line-ed or Fsed. It's very easy to use, but still quite efficient. Line-editor supports following commands:

Aborts message entry.
Shows DayDream:Display/[mode]/LineEditorCommands.TXT/GFX
Allows user to delete lines from the message.
Allows user to edit line in message.
F)ile attach
Allows user to attach file to the message.
Allows user to insert line anywhere in the message.
Equips message with password.
Quotes message (works only in reply mode)
Back to the message-editor.
Saves message.

6 [ F ] - List files

Lists files available for downloading.

If number of filedirectories is 0 in the conference, drops user back to the main prompt.
Displays the file filecatalogs.txt/gfx from the displaydirectory of the conference or from $DAYDREAM/display/[mode]/.
Asks areas to scan or A)ll or U)pload.
Shows filelists from the specified areas. In more prompt there are following options available:

Shows more files
Quits filelisting
F)lag or T)ag
Adds file for download request.
Non-stop listing, no more more-prompts.
Cursor Up
Flag files using cursor keys.

7 [ G ] - Goodbye (Disconnect)

This command disconnects user from the system.

Asks if user is absolutely certain about leaving the BBS.
Displays the file $DAYDREAM/display/[Mode]/goodBye.txt/fdx.
Drops the carrier.
Executes the file "$DAYDREAM/batch/batch1.logoff". If this is a shell-script, make sure it's equipped with "x"-flag.

Note that dropping carrier anywhere in the BBS will bring user to phase 3 of this command.

8 [ J ] - Join conference

This command allows user to change to the another conference from the current conference.

Shows the file $DAYDREAM/display/[mode]/joinconference.txt/gfx.
Prompts for the conference user wishes to join. User must have access to the conference he tries to join.
Shows [Conference]/display/[Mode]/conferencejoined.txt/gfx if exists.

9 [ L ] - Local time

Just shows what time is it...

10 [ M ] - Change message base

This command allows user to change to another message base.

If the conference doesn't have more than 1 message bases, informs user that this command has no effect and quits.
Shows file [Conf]/display/[Mode]/messagebases.txt/gfx.
Prompts for the number of message base user wants to enter.

11 [ N ] - New file scan

Scan conference for new files. Uses the same routine for showing files as F-Command (File list).

If number of filedirectories is 0 in the conference, drops user back to the main prompt.
Asks date to start scanning from.
Asks for filecatalogs to be scanned for new files: A=All, L=List or H=Help. If user requested for help, DayDream:Display/[mode]/CatalogHelp.TXT/GFX will be displayed.
Scans new files from requested directories.

NOTE! To scan new files in current conference, just type N S A in main prompt.

12 [ O ] - Operator Page

Pages sysop for chatting.

Checks if SysOp is available. If there's yelld enabled and $DAYDREAM/display/permanentlyaway.txt doesn't exist, step 2 will take place. Otherwise permanentlyaway.txt will be displayed or DD says that sysop has turned paging off.
If /homr/bbs/display/[Mode]/beforechat.txt/gfx exist, DD displays it.
If SysOp has enabled "Ask Reason"-flag in configuration, user will be prompted for reason.
Sends messages to yelld if it's running. Yelld announces local console the sysop that the user wants to chat.

13 [ R ] - Read Messages

This command allows user to read messages. It also allows user to reply to a certain message.

Shows the read prompt, looks like this:

  Message Read Command: (Enter) Next, (C)ommands (5/6;-):
                                                  ^ ^ ^
                                                  | | +- Reading direction
                                                  | +--- Highest message
                                                  +----- Current message

Available commands:

Redisplay message
Delete current message
Reply to the current message. Same as Enter Message - command, but the receiver of the message is the author of the message to be replied and when entering message editor, lines to be quoted will be asked.
Quit reading messages
Keep message. Deletes the message, but puts it to the end of the message base, so it is "new" message for next login. Only Sysop and message author+receiver.
Set reading direction forward (-->)
Set reading direction backward (<--)
Read specified message (if available)
Read next message

14 [ S ] - User statistics

Shows information about user, eg. his/her name, organization, upload bytes etc.

15 [ T ] - Tag editor

Allows user to edit his/her download batch. User can add/remove files to/from download batch using this command. This also displays the total size of files in the batch and an estimated transfer time.

16 [ U ] - Upload

Allows user to send files to the system.

If number of filedirectories is 0 in the conference, drops user back to the main prompt and informs that uploads are not allowed in the current conference.
Displays upload.gfx/txt from the display directory of the confernce or from $DAYDREAM/display/[Mode]/. Useful for telling users what they should and should not upload.
Checks free space on hard disk. If there's not enough free space, drops user back to the main prompt.
Asks if user wants to Proceed, Disconnect after transfer or Abort. If user decides to disconnect after transfer, archives should contain FILE_ID.DIZ. Otherwise descriptions will be asked next time the user calls.
Cleans up the temp directory. Uploads will be placed here. Make sure that temp dir of the node DOES exist.
DD starts the transfer.
Checks if there are any files in temporary directory to be processed, and if there's not, exits.
Checks if filename is longer than allowed. If it is, asks user to rename it.
Executes doors listed in [CONF]/data/filecheck.dat. If file doesn't exist after this procedure, jumps to step 7.
Scans BBS for duplicates. If file already exists, it will be deleted.
Tests archive integrity. If offline checking is enabled, this will be done after the user has disconnected.
Checks if archive contains file_id.diz. If it does, then DD displays it and asks if user wants to save it, edit it, discard it, save upload to SysOp's private directory or turn autosave mode on. In autosave mode, file_id.diz will be used automatically from the next archives.

If archive doesn't contain file_id.diz, description will be asked. Description may contain up to 13 lines.

Executes doors listed in [CONF]/data/examine.dat. If file doesn't exist after this procedure, jumps to step 7.
Saves file and adds credits to the user.
Jump to step 7.

17 [ V ] - View file

Allows user to view archive contests. Executes VIEW-command and displays output to the user.

18 [ X ] - Expert mode toggle

Turns expert mode on/off. In expertmode, menu will be shown only if user requests it with ?-command.

19 [ Z ] - Zippy Search

Scans file catalogs for a match for a specified string. When match is found, it will display the whole entry to the user.

20 [ < ] - Previous Conference

Joins previous conference user has access to. Very fast method to move around the BBS.

21 [ > ] - Next Conference

Joins next conference user has access to. Very fast method to move around the BBS.

22 [ ? ] - Show Mainmenu

Shows the mainmenu.

23 [ << ] - Previous message base

Joins previous message base in the current conference.

24 [ >> ] - Next message base

Joins next message base in the current conference.

25 [ GR ] - Global read

Read new messages globally from selected message bases. Works like R-command.

26 [ MS ] - Mail scan

Scans selected message bases for new mail addressed to the user. When new message is found, it will be shown to the user.

27 [ NS ] - New files scan

Scans selected conferences for new files. Uses N-Command.

28 [ VER ] - Version information

Shows some version specific information.

29 [ OLM ] - Online message

Send line of text to the user on the another node. If user on the another node has disabled OLMs, then message won't be sent.

30 [ SF ] - Select file conferences

This command allows user to select conferences he/she wants to be scanned in the new files scan during logon or when he/she enters the NS-command.

31 [ SM ] - Select messagebases

This command allows user to select messagebases he/she wants to be scanned in the new mail scan and to be grabbed for offline reading.

32 [ USERLIST ] - List of users

Lists users that has access to the system.

33 [ MODE ] - Change displaymode

Exactly the same as the first question after handshaking.

34 [ WHO ] - Who's online

Displays users that are using the systemipped off.

35 [ CLS ] - Clear Screen

Clears the display.