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- STEREOWORD - StereoWord generates stereograms with user's word to be the 3D object in the stereogram using Java applet by Kondo
INSTRUCTIONS: You must allow Java to run to use this applet. Type in your hidden word (your name, etc.) and click GO! • Size: Size of the image • View: Stereo viewing ♦mode Colors are randomly selected everytime. Click "GO!" again to change color. To save the StereoWord stereogram use a screen capture tool. Windows can use 'Print Screen' key and paste into an image program. ♦ If you view Parallel mode with your eyes crossed the 3D object will come out towards you. ♦ If you view Coss-Eyed mode with your eyes parallel the 3D object will sink in.
HERE is a larger version for longer words.

Sorry! You need a Java-enabled browser to run this program.
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