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(Antarctica) mewbies


PLEASE POST AT MEWBIES FORUM INSTEAD, HERE: http://mewbies.com/m…x.php
af prerAvoisse

I want buy your site... write me

mewbies: prerAvoisse I'm not clear what you mean.
If you mean you want to buy the domain name, I am not interested.
I do this site for a hobby; notice there are no advertisements on the site or collecting of any personal information.
I don't do e-mail, so if you need to clarify post at the mewbies forum http://mewbies.com/m…x.php or PM me there if it's private.
Thank you for your interest though :)
af SoloTeens

Thanks for this great post! I'm new reader of your blog wink

mewbies: Thank you SoloTeens :) I'll be phasing out this comment book as we now have mewbies forum http://mewbies.com/m…x.php
So please update your link
gb Rupert

Is there any way to stop the creation of .message files by pzs-ng?

mewbies: From looking at the README.ZSCONFIG file it states:
write_complete_message <TRUE|FALSE>
Should a file be created in the releasedir, containing race-info etc?
Default: TRUE

write_complete_ message_in_grou p_dirs <TRUE|FALSE>
Should a .message file be created in the group-dirs?
Default: TRUE

So I would think that you add to your zsconfig.h file the following (see top of README.ZSCONFIG how to add entries):
#define write_complete_message FALSE
#define write_complete_ message_in_grou p_dirs FALSE

Let us know if that works for you - pls post in newly opened forum :)
Will be phasing out this comment book soon.
(remember any changes to 'zsconfig.h' will require recompile)
us Ray

Will you do a tutorial for cuBnc? http://sourceforge.n…nload


mewbies: Ray I haven't used cubnc before ( http://sourceforge.n…ubnc/ ). Would be a good tutorial to have here. I am though going to open a forum tomorrow where tutorials may be requested. The idea is that another user will know how and post step by step details :D
us Max

Setup glftpd and pzs-ng fine thanks to your tutorial but having problems announce.IPNOTADDED error message. Any ideas?
Also why does BNC sent info to query. Can I make it send to a chan ?


mewbies: Max IPNOTADDED is triggered when someone attempts to login to their account with an IP that is not on their list of added IPs.
Someone (siteop, gadmin) needs to add thier ip:
site addip user ident@ip
BNC is sent to query to reduce the amount of spam in the channel.
This can be changed easily by using the same method I replied to Illo below; see Apr 15.
de HighTide

Again in english , sry ! ^^
I want the dzsBot in 2 different chan´s in #1 he should post everythink... in the 2nd he should only post "newdir"
i tried to do a redirect but this doesnt work.
Any idea?

mewbies: HighTide in your dZSbot.conf file where it has:
set redirect(TIMEOUT) $staffchan
Add this line for example:
set redirect(NEWDIR) "$staffchan $mainchan"
Or you could state the channel names:
set redirect(NEWDIR) "#mychannel #staffchannel #justforfun"
And just repeat that for any other announces that you want in #staff as well.
After you need to .rehash your bot for the changes to take affect.
tk Dirk

Thanks a lot for all your tutorials!

mewbies: thx for the thx :D
de Illo

Ok oK i found it on the new r2532 only have to change it in the glftpd.tcl in the modules dir. change the 3 lines u told on ng_stats in this file it is callin cmd_stats like everything else in the r2532. In the older version it is in the dZsbot.tcl ng_stats.!

Thx 4 your Help dude!

mewbies: Illo I forgot about the prviate msg feature, what a surprise to see those hehe
My mistake, I didn't realize the versions were so different!
Thank you much for the info that it did work on '2500 v.1.20' and how you did it on r2532-
'glftpd.tcl in the modules dir; change the 3 lines named - cmd_stats'
I'll make a note about that when I update the tut and sounds like I should install a newer v to get up to date.
I really need to put some type of posting pages, this guest book thing isn't productive :D
The to-do-list grows...
de Illo0815

Damn i can´t read my privat msg´s hopefully u didn´t answer since now.... ^^maybe u can edit in this posting....

greetz Illo

gb cwd

Hi - what happened with your pftp tutorial? I am having no luck in setting it up myself and would really benefit from some step by step instructions.

mewbies: I ended up not needing it, used lftp instead, so I removed the link 'coming soon'. Sorry :/
I was recommended to use pftp-mew or sh*t and here are the links I have in my notes:
pftp-shit: http://www.derijk.org/pftp/
pftp-mew: http://pftpmew.tanesha.net
pftp: http://www.pftp.de
wget http://www.derijk.or…-shit .v.1.11.zip
wget http://pftpmew.tanes…xp-v0 .11.4mew6.tgz
wget http://www.pftp.de/pftp-1 .1.6.tar.gz

My notes don't go any further than that unfortunately
de Illo

Hey Folks,
i got a question, i am using pzs-ng_r2532. I know pzs is configed to disable announcing everything to the staffchan like !alldn f.e. .
But i want to get this cmd´s announce 2 the staff/mainchan and not in query.
Is there any way 2 change it in a easy fast way 2 get that work ?

i appreciate your answer.

mewbies: Yes in dZSbot.tcl. For example you want to change the cmd !bnc to reply in channel:
1. Search for 'bnc' to find its 'ng_name' . In this case it is: list ng_bnc
2. Then search for 'ng_bnc' section. It begins here:
proc ng_bnc {nick uhost hand chan arg} {
sndone $nick [replacebasic $output "BNC"]
3. In the 'sndone' line change '$nick' to '$chan' e.g.
sndone $chan [replacebasic $output "BNC"]

4. !alldn is listed under 'ng_stats' with many others such as !gpad, etc.
I don't know how to change some of those !cmds to announce in the channel while others query user.
But to change all to reply in the channel:
Search for ng_stats section, which begins here:
proc ng_stats {type time nick uhost hand chan argv}

Replace in these 3 lines below it, to state $chan instead of $nick:
puthelp "PRIVMSG $nick :Invalid section, sections: [join [lsort -ascii $sections]
puthelp "PRIVMSG $nick :$line\003$newline($line)"
puthelp "PRIVMSG $nick

So they would all begin with:
puthelp "PRIVMSG $chan

After you will need to .rehash your bot for those changes to take effect.
If .rehash didn't work, then do: .restart

I'll add it to the tutorial if that worked out for you :D
de highTide

Moin Moin,
wenn ich den dzsbot in 2 chans habe er aber unterschiedliche cmd´s machen soll wie kann man das machen ?
Chan1: alle
Chan2: nur announcen wenn was Complete ist.
Fummel seit 4 std. in der tcl und cfg rum aber bekomme da nix hin.
Freu mich ueber ne Antwort...


mewbies: Google translation of your post:
Moin Moin,
If I dzsbot in the 2 chan but it's different to make cmd how can this be done?
Chan1: all
Chan2: You do not announce this if something is Complete.
Fumble for 4 hrs. tcl and rum in the cfg but I get nothing out there.
Looking forward over ne answer ...
My Reply:
Sorry but I'm not clear what it is that you desire for 'Chan2':
1. You do not want bot to announce 'Complete' only, but everything you want announced?
2. Or you do not want the bot to announce 'anything' uploaded?
-To know if an upload isn't complete, search tutorial for this line:
incomplete-list.sh !inc reports incompletes in channel
-To have it auto announce incompletes you'll need a different script not included in the tutorial.
-From my example files and tutorial the bot is in 2 channels.
Both of these channels have very different announcement task.
Chan1 Announcement: Everything to do with the files being uploaded, deleted, etc.
Chan2 (staff) Announcement: Only siteop stuff like users addip, failed logins, etc
-'Fummel seit 4 std. in der tcl und cfg rum aber bekomme da nix hin.'
Search in tutorial for this line:
A. zsconfig.h is the heart of the script.
-If the above didn't help, please either:
Post here again with more details, or
go to #pzs-ng on efnet (IRC) and seek help there. The channel is in English.
de Guest

In english haha
Hey Folks, i have a problem with the cmd !free
in the Channel the bot does not announce something when i take a look to the partyline he wrotes
dZSbot error: "df -Pkl" failed:
dZSbot error: /bin/df: »/root/.gvfs«: Permission denied

i´ve searched some forums and the whole internet but i did´nt found any tip .
maybe u ? sry 4 my bad english!

mewbies: Sorry, I'm not sure about that error- but obviously a permission problem (for either your bot or the directory structure which looks wrong for a bot trying to access). The best way to get help with dzsbot is to go to IRC, network efnet, channel: #pzs-ng
There are many nice helpful people there to those that are polite and patient :) promise.

btw your english is just fine :D
de Illo

Hey Folks,
habe ein Prob beim installieren des eils bzw mit einem CMD
nämlich !free a. es kommt nix bei raus und wenn i in der partyline schaue seh i nur folgendes:
dZSbot error: "df -Pkl" failed:
dZSbot error: /bin/df: »/root/.gvfs«: Permission denied

Woran kann das liegen ? Ich komm einfach nimmer weiter
Thx. Illo


Nice tutorial. How about one for setting up sorted dirs for glftpd?

mewbies: I haven't tried either, but have you seen these scripts for sorting:

/me thinks I should set up a posting page here too... when I have time :p
af Guest

I think, that you are mistaken. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

us ted

hi, i get:

19:42:33 Error loading module fish/fish: /usr/local/lib/ irssi/modules/l ibfish.so: undefined symbol: mr_compare
any ideas?

mewbies: First, make sure you have followed the tut step by step and keep an eye out for any actual errors- esp when doing MIRACL.
From what I have read your error is because your 'MIRACL library is not compiled/linked correctly' ( http://fish.secure.l…548).
If you rcv errors, stop and work it out before continuing.

Another site that might be of use to you has posted a libfish.so for users to try; http://sudosys.be/ ?q=FiSH_encryption_for_irssi_IRC
http://sudosys.be/fi…bfish .so.tar.gz
Do not follow the tut there though as it is missing a vital step :/
gp Guest

2mYHt0 Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

ma Guest

CLZbDF Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

af generic

It is draw?



i'm not sure how blowssi is compatible with FiSH. I installed blowssi and have FiSH installed for mIRC, yet I cannot get the key exchange to work and thus conversations are intelligible. how do i resolve this? thanks.

mewbies: They are compatible, but you have to set the key manually. As stated on my blowssi for irssi tut, ( http://mewbies.com/h…l.htm ) it doesn't support 'keyex plugin' (to auto exchange keys) thus why I don’t use it as the need for this feature. I went back to FiSH on nix applications and my windows mirc mircryption (which does support it). At the bottom of my tut shows you how to set key manually for blowssi.
Hope that helps, and thank you :)
in RR

Extremely helpful site!

Your tutorial on Ajaxterm was the best I have seen on the net, finally got it running on my home box. Unfortunately my corporate network has a very restricitive policy, but running the ajaxterm server on port 443 itself solved the issue!!

I hope it does not add any vulnerabilities.

Thanks a ton. Will go through the other tutorials now joyful

mewbies: Most welcome :) . Just remember to move SSH off port 22. Once I did that the over 1000 attempts to break in dropped to 0 overnight
(nothing to do with ajaxterm, these are just auto scanners attempting default port for weak passwords).

But when people start telling me how to change the world over a G-major chord, that's when I generally leave the room. ,

af glissiciels

Hi People
How are you doing?

my muttonman

Hi, excellent website! This is exactly what i've been looking for. Thanks!


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